Knoke, Ingebritsen & Kind Law – Firm History

Office of Knoke, Ingebritson & Kind Law
Gregory E. Knoke
 graduated from the University of North Dakota Law School in May, 1970, and was admitted to the Wisconsin Bar. Gregory moved to Monroe, WI in June, 1974, after serving a commitment to the United States Army Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Corps. Gregory joined the firm of Regez, Callahan, and Johnson, becoming partner in that firm in 1976. Gregory left the Regez, Callahan & Knoke firm in June, 1980 to start his own firm.

Jeffrey C. Ingebritsen graduated from Marquette Law School in May, 1980 and was admitted to the Wisconsin Bar. Jeffrey practiced as an associate with the firm of Hamilton & Mueller in Dodgeville, WI, prior to moving to Monroe in May, 1981, to join in practice with Gregory Knoke.

Peter J. Kind joined the Knoke & Ingebritsen Law Firm as an intern in June, 2008. Upon his graduation from University of Wisconsin Law School in May, 2010, he was admitted to the Wisconsin Bar and joined the Knoke & Ingebritsen firm as an associate and became partner in 2014.